“I feel a mental boost and no stomach issues. I even use PHAT FIBRE [v1] on 4-5 hour endurance rides, taken with some tea, and no food.”
—Mike Rickey, competitive cyclist (cat 2 road)

PHAT FIBRE v2: MCT Powder Supplement designed by athletes for maximum performance without the GI side-effects. Validated in a peer-reviewed, scientific study. Proven in the grueling 7-day BC Bike Race. Are you ready to kick it to the next level?


Gluten and Dairy-free for competitive athletes or anyone with a sensitive gut.


Travels more easily than liquid, perfect for races (even mid-race), travel, and taking to work.

Slightly Digestible Fibre

Gives just enough slow-release carbs to maximize the performance impact of C8 oil without affecting blood glucose levels. Curbs appetite for hours.

The PHAT FIBRE story

My name is Christopher Kelly. Three years ago I quit my job at a hedge fund to start Nourish Balance Thrive, a small functional medicine practice for athletes. I’m a computer scientist and pro mountain biker. I work with two medical doctors, one of whom is also a pro mountain biker, and the other is Dr Tommy Wood, a PhD research scientist. I employ a registered nurse, and I work with my wife Julia, who is a food scientist.

We all love MCT oil for the same reason: consistent high energy and mental focus. No doubt it does the same for close to 1,000 athletes we’ve been working with over the last three years.

But for the competitive athlete, there are several problems with MCT oil:

  • It can send people running to the bathroom, a condition we colloquially refer to as “disaster pants.” Slowly titrating up the dose works fine for dedicated and regular consumers, but for the rest of us, it can be tiresome. Also, the dose of pure MCT oil one can tolerate may not be sufficient to give the desired performance boost.
  • MCT oil separates from many other fluids unless thoroughly blended.
  • Lugging around a bottle of oil is messy and often inconvenient, especially if your trip involves flying. Trying to mix up a dose mid-race is also problematic to say the least.

We tried all the MCT oil alternatives on the market we could find - powders, salts, etc. - but found they had additives that upset our sensitive guts, they tasted foul, they didn’t provide the performance boost we hoped for, or they gave us disaster pants!

So, mostly for ourselves, we set out to develop a better solution. Our dream product would:

  • Deliver a significant, measurable performance boost,
  • Be well-tolerated, even for those with GI issues,
  • Contain NO allergens or sweeteners,
  • Be easy to travel with and use while competing,
  • NOT cause disaster pants (!)

Into the NBT Labs (okay, kitchen) we went, and emerged with PHAT FIBRE v1.

There followed intensive testing:

  • I consumed a pound (2.2 kg) of PHAT FIBRE v1 in the first week, realizing a significant performance boost with NO side effects.
  • I then completed the grueling pro-circuit BC Bike Race, supplementing with 3+ tablespoons PHAT FIBRE v1 per day during the races
  • We released our first production batch of PHAT FIBRE v1 for sale to our clients, many of whom consumed it daily, for months, until we sold out.
  • Tommy and our team designed, implemented, and published a scientific study verifying the metabolic impact of PHAT FIBRE v1 on athletes.

Based on the study’s findings, we then improved the product.

PHAT FIBRE v2 is our best formulation to-date, with even more performance benefit per serving, while being even easier on a sensitive gut!

Bottom line, PHAT FIBRE v2 is the ONLY ketone supplement I will take on race days!

How does PHAT FIBRE work?


PHAT FIBRE powder is colourless, odourless, flavourless and dissolves well in hot and cold liquids. It works great in drinks, soups and salads.


The medium-chain fatty acids in PHAT FIBRE are absorbed directly into the portal circulation and transported to the liver for rapid ketone production.


MCT (C8) consumption enhances fat oxidation and ketone production.

Ketones can then be used by the brain as fuel.

The added Bionic Fibre provides a small supply of glucose as a substrate for anapleurosis (i.e. regenerating oxaloacetate) to allow use of Acetyl-CoA coming from ketones or beta-oxidation of fats. Fat-adapted athletes can then maintain anapleurosis during extended endurance efforts without having to rapidly drain muscle glycogen (or cannibalize muscle) to do so.


Designed to be a hypoallergenic product with the sensitive gut in mind. There are two ingredients: C8 oil and Bionic Fibre. It contains no sweeteners and none of the common food allergens, especially gluten, dairy, soy, nuts and eggs.

Soluble fibre may also indirectly contribute to energy production through fermentation and the product of ketogenic short-chain fatty acids like butyrate, propionate, and acetate.

Users report their appetite is curbed for several hours after consumption in a beverage (a bulletproof coffee, for instance).


$ 38.99

Limited offer

  • Resealable 16oz bag
  • 39 servings per bag
  • Suggest 3 tablespoons per day
  • 13 day supply

Limited offer

After consuming a pound of PHAT FIBRE, myself, in less than a week, with great energy, focus and performance and NO GI side-effects, I knew we had a winner.

Nutrition Facts

MCT oil powder

MCT oil powder is a free-flowing powder form of natural medium chain triglyceride (MCT). The isomer and fat profile of the powder does not change from the original oil. It’s a 70:30 mixture (by weight) of MCT oil and fibre.

Fatty acid profile

The oil is the most ketogenic of the medium-chain triglycerides: C8 caprylic acid (min 94%).

Bionic fibre

The oil is transformed into a powder using a particular type of maltodextrin mostly resistant to digestion. This Bionic Fibre is soluble and fermentable. In our experience it is extremely well tolerated and does not cause gas or bloating, even for people with existing digestive complaints.

About us


Christopher Kelly

Pro mountain biker, computer scientist


Tommy Wood, MD, PhD

Medical director, research scientist


Julia Kelly

Food scientist